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There are several ways that you can donate: traditional direct donations can be made via our donation page, by bank transfer, By cheque or cash these donations can be one-off or set up as a regular donation. We accept donations of food, toys, beds, bedding etc at our kennels in Cheadle. There are also several ways you can help to raise funds for the rescue without making direct donations for example signing up to sites like easy fundraising, when you shop on line you can gain free donations, just by shopping! 
If your family and lifestyle permits then the best way of getting involved has to be adopting or fostering one of our dogs! Whats the difference between the two?
Adoption is where you give a set donation in order for you to become the permanent keeper of one of our dogs, you will be responsible for all costs involved from feeding to vet bills and the dog will remain your responsibility from the point of adoption. The rescue will remain a backup lifeline for the dog should circumstances change in the future and we will from time to time either contact you over the phone or pop in to see how you are all getting along. Providing you are looking after the dog and we have no concerns the dog will remain in your possession, however if we feel that the dog is not looked after properly or is lacking any aspect of welfare we do reserve the right to recover the dog back into our care.
Fostering is where you agree to look after one of our dogs temporarily whilst we look for a permanent home, this could be for a matter of days or months. The rescue will remain the legal owner and responsible for the supply of food and the cost of vet treatment etc.  If you are fostering one of our dogs you will also be responsible for transporting the dog to and from kennels when they are required for introductions for families. As a foster home you will be ineligible to adopt the dog you look after in order to preserve our foster homes. The rescue may at any time move or swap the dog in your care for another dog that is in need of help. As a foster home you will be expected to work with the dog should they have any issues and keep the rescue updated with the progress you make. Fostering is not an easy job especially when you get attached to a dog, other rescues offer the opportunity for you to adopt the dog in your care if you so wish, however we choose not to offer this as we do not want people using the fostering option as a "test" to see if a dog is suitable.
Volunteers are our lifeline, from fundraising, organising and attending events and shows, to helping out with the dogs. Without volunteers we simply would not exist.  Whether you can spare 1 hour, 1 day or more, or even spare time at home there is always something you can help with which in turn will help the rescue.
If you look on the volunteer page you will see a list of currently required roles that we need to fill, if you think you could help with any of them please get in touch. You dont have to have regular time available for all the roles, simply help when you can!
Go to the volunteer now page to take an in depth look on what you can do to help and if you like what you see simply complete our volunteer application and our volunteer co-ordinator will be in touch.
Please note that ALL new volunteers need to provide 2 forms of ID and you must be able to attend an induction meeting if you are wanting to work in the kennels or attend some shows/events. Children can become junior volunteers, however under 16's MUST always be accompanied by an adult.
We constantly run things such as raffles and auctions via our facebook pages and we also have our online shop. These are excellent ways of us bringing in much needed funds with either a little competition or fun attached. Our online shop has a few little items you may like to purchase to help promote the rescue from pens and mugs to T-shirts. While our online auction gives you the opportunity to post any unwanted items in order to raise funds. The main thing is that you invite your family, friends and colleagues to join in too! The more people we have taking part and sharing these things the more money we raise for the dogs.
Fancy winning up to £25,000 ? Then why not sign up for the LUOSKO Lottery and while you are waiting for your numbers to come up you will be earning cash for the rescue!
Dont forget to share and invite your family and friends to play too.
Some people like to organise their own 'mini' events such as pub quizes, sponsored walks, bake sales etc and then donate the funds raised, feel free to run any ideas you have by us. We can supply support materials including leaflets, banners and collection tins if you need them for your event.  We can also with notice organise for dogs in need of homes to attend your event.

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